Creating Better Communities with Myles Dannhausen Jr.

Event details

  • June 11, 2023
  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • 10341 Water Street Highway 42 Ephraim, WI 54211
  • 920-854-7559

Join us in-person or a recording of the service will be available on our YouTube Page. Click here to access our YouTube page.

What we get wrong about development, PARKING (!) and how thinking different can create better solutions for everyone. Door County communities are grappling with a boom in tourism, relatively rapid population growth and housing shortages for workers of all income levels. Unfortunately, many are trying to solve these problems with outdated development strategies and without learning from their neighboring communities. Myles Dannhausen Jr. will discuss what we can do better to create communities we love to be in, that support residents of all income levels and that our local governments can afford to maintain.

Myles Dannhausen Jr. has been covering local development as a writer, editor and owner of the Peninsula Pulse since 2004. He has lived in every northern Door County municipality during his adult life and now lives in Liberty Grove with his wife and two young boys. He is a member of the Multimodal Trails Group of the Door County Community Foundation, the Peninsula Transit Coalition, Sister Bay ad hoc committees for the Teresa K. Hilander Ice Rink, Pebble Beach, and the Wiltse Property, and is President of Write On, Door County.

Service Leader: Bob Lindahl