UUFDC Gallery

August & September 2023 UUFDC Gallery Show

Social Patterns & Other Myths by Helen Klebesadel 

Viewing hours are from 1-4 pm on Wednesday Thursday & Sunday mornings from 10am noon. On display from August 6 to October 1

As a teacher and nationally known artist from Madison she as an impressive list of achievements and exhibitions. About this series of paintings, she says; “Our stories, myths, and tales teach us what is expected of us. I am fascinated by how our myths and stories teach us who we are and how we are suppose to act and interact. I seek to understand the old myths and find the new ones as we create new social patterns to live by.”

Artwork Pictured: Facing Medusa by Helen Klebesadel

Since 2008 the UUFDC Art Gallery has hosted the work of visual artists from Door County and the region, with exhibits alternating every two months. The brilliant art pieces grace the Fellowship’s Gathering Room, where our Sunday coffee hour is held. The vibrant gallery is volunteer led. Gallery hours are from 1-4 pm, Wednesday and Thursday, and of course during our weekly 10am Sunday Services.

For more information contact the Gallery Coordinator, Karon Winzenz at arts@uufdc.org.