UUFDC Gallery

UU Gallery Presents…In Plain Sight: The Photography of David Graham

Gallery Open: M.W.Th. 1-4PM & 10AM Sunday Service

On exhibit from June 2 to July 28

David Graham’s subject is the American cultural landscape.

A tireless traveler and a natural born storyteller,

his work is a jubilant celebration of freedom of expression,

seeking out those Americans who are serious about the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Graham’s lens finds the space between private expression and public vulgarity hinting of a future where commercial billboards and handmade quilts are hanging in the same museum. As Robert Venturi points out in “Taking Liberties”, Graham’s work is rooted in the element of juxtaposition, interpretation and the embrace of the everyday American experience.

Art pictured: Marfa, TX (Coordinates) 2023

Since 2008, the UUFDC Art Gallery has hosted the work of visual artists from Door County and the region, with exhibits alternating every two months. The brilliant art pieces grace the Fellowship’s Gathering Room, where our Sunday coffee hour is held. The vibrant gallery is volunteer led.

For more information contact the Gallery Coordinator, Karon Winzenz at arts@uufdc.org.