To make a one-time donation, when you reach the “Donation Frequency” section towards the middle of the online giving form, in the drop-down box that says “choose one,” click the “one time” option.
Thank you for your support!

To make a donation that will occur more than once, when you reach the “Donation Frequency” section towards the middle of the online giving form, select from the drop-down box the frequency in which your donation will be withdrawn from your account/method of payment. Then input the donation start date and optional end date in the date fields displayed directly below.

If you create a reoccurring donation it is highly recommended that you create a profile to help you track gifts and manage your payment methods.

Thank you for your support!

The Fellowship incurs fees for each online transaction. This is no different than any establishment that accepts credit cards. The goal in our on-line giving platform is to facilitate ease of payment for you - please don’t let the fee deter you from making an online contribution. In fact, the online giving platform gives you the option of offsetting the fee incurred, if you wish, with a modest percentage addition. Either way, know that the Fellowship benefits and grows from your generosity. Offsetting fees for Online Transactions: Credit Card: 3.0%. Bank Account/Automated Clearing House (ACH): 1.5%.
If you prefer not to give online, checks can be mailed to the following address: UUFDC PO Box 587 Ephraim, WI 54211   Know we appreciate and celebrate your gift in whichever way you support UUFDC!

Your Online Profile

You have the option of creating an online giving profile to help you track your online UUFDC gifts. This can be done by following the prompts after clicking the “Create Your Profile” button on the right hand side of the donation page. Be sure to remember or write down your inputted email address and password for future log-in sessions. Thank you for your support!
With your profile you can review your giving history, manage recurring donations or update payment information. For your gifts to be tracked, you must log into your profile BEFORE submitting a payment. If you forgot your password or email, no worries, you can recover this information by clicking on the “Forgot your Email Address or Password?” link in the log-in section, found on the right side of the donation page. Thank you for your support!


Thank you for your support of the UU Fellowship of Door County, making it possible for us to learn and grow together in the work for justice, compassion, and understanding.


Please contact the UUFDC Office if you have any questions or concerns with online donations (Phone: 920-854-7559/Email: