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The Wisdom of Marx

My sermon on this Sunday will examine the spirituality there may be in laughter and humor–including that of Groucho Marx. But, from the title, we may have a visitor or two who thinks the sermon will be about Karl Marx. So maybe I should have called it “God, Grace, and Groucho.” But then I figured, […]

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Coloring Outside the Lines

Tony’s sermon on this Sunday is about what people sometimes call thinking outside the box, moving outside the grid, or jumping the rails of conventional thinking. It’s also sometimes referred to, simply, as a paradigm shift. Whatever we might call it, though, it is the foundation stone for almost every important movement, cultural change, scientific […]

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Resolving Hate: It Takes Practice

It feels like there is an uncomfortable level of hate-mongering in the world today. And most of us are fairly comfortable assuming that we aren’t part of the problem. I, myself, was quite comfortable making that assumption until a few years ago. Now, I’m far less convinced about my innocence… Through this conversation we’ll explore […]

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