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International Women’s Day

The First American Indian to Serve as US Poet Laureate: Joy Harjo Come joins us to celebrate International Women’s Day by exploring the journey of Joy Harjo, a Muscogee/Creek woman whose paternal ancestors fought the U.S. for their land in “Indian Territory.” She is an artist and musician (sax) in addition to being a writer of […]

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Guidebook of Life?

Life, I find, is much like my orchids: I was given them as gifts, and they bloom despite (in spite of?)  my cat. I’ve tended my various plants; watering, feeding, shifting them around to the ‘best’ spots … and they bloom … most of them anyway. It’s a complicated affair, this life, this ‘gift’ we are […]

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The Secret Forest

Thanks to researchers such as Dr. Suzanne Simard and Dr. Steve Sillett, we are beginning to perceive a whole new world, allowing us a glimpse into the depth and complexities of these ancient communities we call forests. In high school, I was involved in a summer conservation program of work and learning. We touched on […]

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