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Dwelling on the Border

With so much focus on immigration today, what might we learn from the efforts of many today to secure and lock down our borders? What happens in that lock down, on our physical borders or the borders of difference and identity? Who gets locked in and who is locked out? And who holds the keys? […]

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Whom Do We Really Know?

How many people do you really know? Do you agree with Joan Chittister? Who has written, “…We are becoming a world of cardboard figures, entombed in technology, living in hermetically sealed personal planets. We don’t really know anybody anymore, and nobody really knows us.” We will take a close look at a world famous individual […]

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Prayer and Poetry

My title does it, but why do I put poetry and prayer together? Are they similar? How so? Very good questions. And by the way, can you define what poetry is, or what a poem is? Or for that matter, what constitutes a prayer? We all think we can recognize them when we see them, […]

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