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Embracing a Life of Wonder

Christianity is one of a group of mystery religions. Mystery diminishes the more you throw the light of understanding at it. Often, mystery led to manipulation, those in positions of power and authority, preyed on the fears and superstitions and ignorance of the common people. But there is no need to be ignorant to feel […]

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How Do We Need To Live?

The Reverend Drew Kennedy will invite us to reflect on how we ought to live in light of the fact that life is precious and all of us, one day, must die. Centering on a startling and poignant story of a woman at a crossroads in her life, we’ll explore two of life’s interrelated, basic […]

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Which Human Sin Is the Most Harmful?

Sin is not a topic we discuss very often. Do we even remember the “seven deadly sins” of Christian theology? Are they relevant today? If not, how would we answer the question posed by the title of today’s talk? How about some other questions: If you believe in God, what is your god’s job description? […]

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