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Relative Motion

Have you ever sat on a train in a train station and suddenly had the feeling that your train was moving, only to discover it was the train next to you that was moving? This temporary sensation stems from motion occurring without a fixed reference point. On this day of celebration of the birth of […]

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Religion Words Revisited

A year ago, Alan explored religion words that made some people uncomfortable. Many have since requested further exploration of more words, so here we are. Alan will explore the disconnects between how some people use these words and how some people hear these words (and in some cases the origins of these words). Before our […]

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Tracey Robertson is the nationally-recognized Cofounder and Executive Director of Fit Oshkosh, Inc., a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote social transformation through Color-Brave conversations, education, advocacy, and research in order to achieve race equity and justice within our community. Her service in faith communities includes assisting with two start-up churches, singing on praise […]

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