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A former teacher and scholar, Jesus will share stories of working alongside his siblings and parents, of being part of the migrant community, and of the changes he experienced. His parents first came to Wisconsin in the early 1940s. By 1959, over 10,000 migrants were coming to the state yearly. During this time, agriculture changed […]

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We Need To Talk

The words “white supremacy” conger up visions of shaved heads and tattooed necks. It’s no wonder that we white folks resist conversations where the term is applied. But if constructive conversations about eliminating racism in America are going to be had, we need to be able to talk about a system that privileges us… and […]

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The Natural Superiority of Women

The subject comes from a book of the same title written by Ashley Montagu, a British American anthropologist. The qualities that may save us as a civilization I attribute to women: reverence, respect, gentleness, understanding, appreciation, willingness to submit without losing your integrity, capacity to serve without losing the spirit, concern for binding up wounds […]

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