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The Wonder of Creation

The Wonder of Creation with Rev. Jim Coakley  As we gaze up in wonder at the dark winter night sky filled with billions of stars, let us lift up the original wonder story of creation. Our creation from mere stardust is the original miracle. Rev. Coakley’s message is inspired from this video: We are Stardust Harvesting […]

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Pluralism vs. Fundamentalism 

Pluralism vs. Fundamentalism by Rev. Sam Trumbore — Presented by Donna Johnson Our religious tradition of Unitarian Universalism is quite different from the “true believers”. A visitor would feel this in a UU congregation immediately. Yet understanding the roots of the differences, why we don’t worship     Jesus, why we don’t have a creed, why we value […]

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The Parallel of Abuse and Oppression

The Parallel of Abuse and Oppression with Milly Gonzales Milly Gonzales is the Executive Director of HELP of Door County and one of Wisconsin’s 35 most powerful and influential Latino Leaders. Today we will uncover what makes a relationship healthy or abusive and the connection of abuse and oppression. Service Leader: Cindy Nelson Music: Beth […]

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