Our Music

About our Choir

We sing because we recognize that music is a vital part of the spirit of UUFDC. The joy of singing is a gift we can share with others as we support our congregation’s call to service.

The choir rehearses two Sundays each month and sings for one service each month. Rehearsals are from 8:30am to 9:30am prior to the service and are held in the sanctuary. To find our next rehearsal reference the calendar on our latest newsletter here.

Since we are located in a resort area, choir attendance varies depending on the time of year. “Snowbirds” are gone during the winter, so our numbers range from eight to fifteen singers.

We hold an informal “Pop-up choir” Sunday once a year. Anyone, regardless of experience or perceived musical ability, is welcome to sing with the choir. It’s an opportunity to sing without the long-term commitment to the choir.

Any UUFDC members or friend can join the choir. All are welcome to add their voices. Please contact Music Coordinator, Carol Soper at contact@uufdc.org, if you would like to make some music.

About Service Music

UUFDC members and friends have expressed that music is a fond part of the UU service experience. Many find it special to listen to music together and join their voices in singing hymns. There is a variety of music in our services such as; classical, traditional, folk, pop standards, and gospel genres.

We are fortunate to have a large group of talented musicians here in Door County. Each week the Fellowship’s Grand Steinway Piano is put to beautiful use by a talented pianist. Some of the pianists that have graced the piano bench are: Jon Bass, Beth Colman, Jodie DeSalvo, Gerri Friedberg, Victor Huls, Joan Mead, and Ellen Shahbazi.

We also have many diverse guests perform throughout the year. Some of the past guest musicians are: Katie Dahl and Rich Higdon, Jodie DeSalvo, the Gibraltar Choir, Kurt Johnson, Pam Johnson, Betty Lewis, and Cyndy Stiehl.

If you are a musician interested in playing for an upcoming service, contact Carol Soper our Music Coordinator at contact@uufdc.org.


During the winter season, noted folk singer Katie Dahl leads a community sing-along in our Gathering Room. Join us in singing songs that you choose as Katie accompanies us on her guitar. Visit our Sit Around Singing page.

Association for Unitarian Universalist Music Ministries (AUUMM)

Carol Soper, Music Coordinator, and Cynthia Stiehl, Choir Director, are both members of the Association for Unitarian Universalist Music Ministries (AUUMM). The mission of the AUUMM is "to support music and worship arts professionals, leaders, and those they serve through advocacy, education, and inspiration."