Path to Membership

The UUFDC welcomes into membership those who are 18 years of age and older who wish to come together in community with persons of shared values centering around the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism.

Expectations of membership include:

  • Regular attendance at services
  • Active participation in the work of this lay-led Fellowship
  • A financial contribution of record according to one’s means

Becoming a Member

Although not required before becoming a member, it is strongly recommended you attend UUFDC 101, a one hour class on the history of the fellowship, the Governing  Board and Committee structure, the financial picture and a brief history of the Unitarian Universalist denomination. This class is held quarterly.

A full series of classes on the history of the denomination is held twice a year.

When you are ready to commit to membership, please contact the President of the Governing Board or designee (list is with the Fellowship Administrator) who will accompany you to sign the Membership Book. With your permission, you will be introduced to the congregation at the Sunday Service closest to the signing.

At the annual meeting of the Fellowship in June, new members from the fiscal year will be recognized.

Becoming a Friend

It is simple to become a friend of our Fellowship. Simply attend a Sunday Service and request a name tag. We warmly welcome many friends in our community, who are not ready to commit to membership. You are a gift to UUFDC regardless if you are a friend or a member.