Sunday service messages are recorded, with permission of the speaker, and posted on our website as mp3 files. This service is provided by UUFDC volunteers as a convenience to those who are not able to attend or for the public who have an interest in knowing the nature of our topics. There is also an historical posting of some of the late Rik Warch’s talks.

Listening to a podcast

A typical podcast is about 15MB in size so you need to have a fast enough connection to the Internet. This is not recommended for dial-up connections. You have 2 options to listen to a podcast:

  • Listen to the podcast within the browser
  • Download the podcast to your computer

The second option allows you to play it using your computer while offline, burn it onto a CD, or listen to it using your favorite MP3 player or Apple’s iPod. For more details on how to listen to a podcast, see the section below.

Sample Podcast

When you view a Sunday Service’s podcast, you will see an episode overview such as this one:



Play Podcast In Browser

You can play the podcast directly in your browser using the embedded player control. Mobiles devices are now supported so you can listen to the podcast from an Apple iPad, iPhone, or a Google Android device.

Download Podcast

To download the podcast, click on the Download Audio icon (above the embedded player) as shown below.

Download Audio

Download PDF

If a PDF transcript of the podcast is available for download, click on the Download PDF icon (above the embedded player) as shown below.

Dowload PDF