A Loving Child: Messenger from Another World

Through reflections on my daughter, I will ask us to consider that children and those younger than we are like messengers from another world, another way of being that is more in touch with optimal human flourishing. Our “raw” and uninitiated young children have an important perspective on human culture and meaning, particularly a willingness to love and be open and thus embrace our first UU principle with gusto: respect the inherent worth and dignity of every person.

Kathleen R. Smythe teaches history, globalization, and sustainability at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her second book, Africa’s Past, Our Future, was published in 2015. She is at work on a third that outlines a new sustainability paradigm and a fourth on historical and ecological cycling tours around Cincinnati. She works to promote a local (particularly food) economy and loves hiking, biking, cooking, eating, and hanging out with friends and family. You can check out some of her writing at: theflowerwilds.wordpress.com.