A Meditation on Water

From fierce floods to calm liquid drawn from a well, water is a natural resource that takes many forms. Recent water-related disasters, including hurricanes in the Caribbean and mud slides in Africa have shown us of the powerful destructive force of too much water. Yet, at the same time, millions of people in the developing world lack clean water to drink. Drawing on her work in Sierra Leone following a mudslide there, our speaker will share her insights into the problem of responding to water disasters and providing clean water to communities in need.

Claudena M. Skran grew up in the Great Lakes region and has many fond childhood memories of swimming and boating on the water. As a Professor of Government at Lawrence University, she has enjoyed being with her family and students at Bjorklunden, Lawrence’s northern campus located on Lake Michigan. For her research, she frequently travels to Sierra Leone, where, among other things, she enjoys walking on the beautiful ocean beaches. In conjunction with students involved in KidsGive, a scholarship program for children in  Sierra Leone, and the Rotary Foundation, she has helped two schools build wells for their communities.