A Question of Balance

The existential relationship between an individual and the community of which s/he is a part is in constant flux.  When do community matters override an individual’s liberty? When must the individual right of conscience be properly recognized? And, most important in this post-Citizens United world, what role does the corporation play in this social mix? We will explore the role of government in reconciling the inherent conflicts here by telling the story of a river – one that was instrumental in the passage of the Clean Water Act of 1972. It speaks of the rise of industry and the death and resurrection of a powerful, beautiful stream.

Mark Richards recently began his fourth career as a hospice chaplain serving Door and Kewaunee counties. He is a lifelong New Englander who also spent fifteen years in North Carolina. He is a candidate for ministerial fellowship with the UUA and will accept prayers, positive energy, and/or good wishes. Mark and Christina recently purchased a home in Carlsville and are enjoying exploring the Door County peninsula and meeting new friends.