Abundance Without Attachment

Our consumer crazy culture shouts at us daily that we are not complete until we get the latest and greatest new thing that will surely make our lives easier and more fulfilling. We grow attached to ideas and thoughts about what we want or expect out of life. Then it seems we spend a lot of our time grasping at things that we hope will fulfill us. Just what is a better life and how might we discern what we need to really experience an abundant life? Join us as we explore how we might find abundance without the disappointment of attachment.

Rev. Karon Sandberg is a hospice chaplain for Heartland Hospice. She finds great wisdom and joy in serving patients and families at end of life. She feels that they teach her how to live her life more fully. She was ordained by the Fox Valley UU Fellowship and serves them as a community minister. She has been married to her partner Joel for over 30 years. Their children live in Chicago where their daughter attends De Paul University and their son is a lawyer. Last summer Karon and Joel were finally empty nesters. They aren’t embarrassed to admit that they are learning to love it and are looking forward to this new stage of life.