Adventures in Sustainability

Roger KuhnsNature is sustainable. Life adapts to changes and challenges, minimizes impacts to the environment, and thrives in the process. Through nature’s viewpoint we learn how to sustain.  I have studied, visited, lived and worked in hundreds of communities on this quest towards sustaining our communities. Through these experiences I came up with a way to see how we are doing. To work towards sustainability we have to aggressively improve, enrich, and achieve equitability in the spheres of the Environment, Community, and Economy. There are many facets of this daunting subject, so let’s explore how we can get our arms around it and take steps in pursuit of the quest.

Dr. Roger Kuhns is president of SustainAudit LLC. He has over 35 years of professional experience as a geologist, sustainable practices and environmental scientist, as well as general manager and team leader for national and international natural resource companies involved in environmental, resource, and water projects and business development. He is an accomplished problem solver, educator, and innovator, and has published over 40 articles, three books and two plays.