Anthrozoology with Dale Goodner

The study of human-animal interaction, it is a modern interdisciplinary field that overlaps with a number of other disciplines.  A major focus is “quantifying the positive effects of human-animal relationships on either party.’ The American Veterinary medical association calls it a, “mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between people and animals that is influenced by their behaviors and enhances the welfare of both.”  You might say, it looks at both ends of the leash.

Writing for Psychology Today, Dr. Hal Herzog examined the science of “Anthrozoology.”  This interaction reveals much about human attitudes and behaviors.  Unfortunately, according to Herzog, “Our relationships with animals also fall into the category of things that everyday people care about but most psychologists don’t.”  This will change as we begin to comprehend the profound ways we humans both impact and are impacted by wildlife, pets, working animal partners, and even the animals we eat…

Dale Goodner’s job as an Interpretive Naturalist took him and Mary to Illinois, where they lived for 3 and a half decades.  They were members of the UU Church in Peoria for almost 30 years,  Dale retired as Peoria Park District’s Supervisor of Interpretive Services, in 2009.  They returned to N.E. Wisconsin in 2010, and now live in Algoma.