Bus Stop Uji

Riding the bus takes time. Sometimes the waiting is almost as long as the ride, but there are lessons to be learned: in the waiting, the riding, the conversations. Dogen, an early 13th century Japanese monk, talked about such things, even making up the ‘word’ Uji (‘existence-time’) to encompass them. I think Dogen would have made a great bus riding companion! Come, let’s take that ride together….

Sensei Andrew (Jiyo) Agacki was inducted a Buddhist Minister in 2008, under the Rev. Koyo Kubose. Since 2002, he has delivered sermons to many of the UU congregations throughout Wisconsin and upper Illinois. A graduate of The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, he continues to be associated with the institution, helping to teach classes on Buddhist practices, ethics and history. Currently, Sensei Jiyo is in the process of setting up an inter-denominational Sangha at the UW-Milwaukee campus.