Compassion Fatigue: Can we move from exhaustion to positive action?

In our media saturated world, it sometimes appears that there is no end to the problems of the world. As a result, people sometimes experience ‘compassion fatigue’ where they feel unable to impact change or make a difference at all. Is there an alternative to compassion fatigue? How can we as individuals and as a community respond to the challenges around us without being worn down by them? This talk will examine the origins of the term ‘compassion fatigue’ and explore how social entrepreneurship can help to overcome it.

Claudena (‘Dena’) Skran is Professor of Government and Chair of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Lawrence University. An expert on refugees, Dena offers courses in social entrepreneurship, and helps students to channel their passions into mechanisms for positive change. The founder of KidsGive, a scholarship program for children in Sierra Leone, Dena has taken over 150 students on volunteer missions in Africa and the Caribbean. Dena and her husband, David Duncombe, are empty nesters, and they enjoy visiting their property in Ephraim on the weekends.