Am I Courageous?

Am I Courageous? with Rev. Karon Sandberg

When we think of courage we think of heroic people who step up and do something extraordinary.  Movies show us superheroes who always save the day. In contrast, we rarely see ourselves in that role.  Let’s admit it, life has been pretty out of control lately.  And yet we are all still here, surviving.  What if we opened our eyes to how courageous it is to even get out of bed, to work a job we no longer enjoy or love someone who is challenging to love?  What if we were courageous enough to let others see those parts of ourselves we often keep hidden?  I have learned recently that there is love and connection in that type of courage and that there are gifts of grace that make that risk worthwhile.

Rev. Karon Sandberg was ordained by the Fox Valley UU Fellowship and serves them as a community minister. She and her partner, Joel, have been married for over 30 years. They are enjoying their empty nest and the opportunity to explore new places and activities as they experience this phase of life.

Service Leader: Donna Johnson

Music: Carol Soper