Exploring the Two Creation Stories in Genesis with Brent Hege   

Those who grow up in a Christian-majority culture such as the United States often assume a basic familiarity with the Genesis creation story: God created the world in seven days, God created Eve out of Adam’s rib, and God placed the first humans in the Garden of Eden and gave them dominion over all the Earth. However, most Americans, regardless of their religious or secular identities, are unaware that there are in fact two different creation stories in the first two chapters of Genesis. In this talk, Dr. Brent Hege will examine these two different creation stories in Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 as a springboard to a discussion of the context and intentions of these biblical creation narratives and why so many people get it so wrong.

Dr. Brent Hege is Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies and The Compass Center Scholar in Residence at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. He earned degrees from Gettysburg College, the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, and Union Seminary in Richmond, Virginia. His training is in Christian theology, philosophy of religion, and Bible. He has published three books and numerous articles on historical theology and the pedagogy of theology and religious studies, and he teaches courses at Butler University on Christian theology, interreligious dialogue, environmental studies, and race, gender, and sexuality studies.