In A Different Light with Dale Goodner  

Canadian scientist and author, David Suzuki, put it well:  “If a mountain is a deity, not a pile of ore; if a river is one of the veins of the land, not potential irrigation water; if a forest is a sacred grove, not timber; if other species are biological kin, not resources; or if the planet is our mother, not an opportunity — then we will treat each other with greater respect. Thus is the challenge, to look at the world from a different perspective.” The way we perceive the world has everything to do with how we impact it.  As one of my Jr. High teachers put it… improve your environmentality!

Dale Goodner’s job as an Interpretive Naturalist took him and Mary to Illinois, where they lived for 3 and a half decades.  They were members of the UU Church in Peoria for almost 30 years,  Dale retired as Peoria Park District’s Supervisor of Interpretive Services, in 2009.  They returned to N.E. Wisconsin in 2010, and now live in Algoma.