Earth Day With Buddha

Immediately upon the arrival of our newly elected government, many references to Climate Change were removed from various federal and state government websites.  The ‘official’ position appears to be that any changes we are experiencing are not caused by human activity; this, despite 97% of climate scientists agreeing that climate-warming trends over the past century are the result of our activities.  And while this argument is taking place in the political and social arenas, the climate still changes.  In his talk, Sensei Jiyo Agacki will examine the issue(s) of Climate Change and where we all have it wrong (and in some places, right).  With a little help from Buddha, his talk will present a deeper examination into what it is we need to do, or not, about that ‘argument’ on this Earth Day weekend.

Sensei Andrew (Jiyo) Agacki was inducted a Buddhist Minister in 2008, under the Rev. Koyo Kubose.  Since 2002, he has delivered sermons to many of the UU congregations throughout Wisconsin and upper Illinois.  A graduate of The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, he continues to be associated with the institution, helping to teach classes on Buddhist practices, ethics and history.  Currently, Sensei Jiyo is in the process of setting up an inter-denominational Sangha at the UW-Milwaukee campus.