Exegesis: Good For You and Fun Too

Every field has its own technical words. Everyone who studies theology does a lot of exegesis: a fancy word for interpreting a text— usually, but not always, scripture. (The Supreme Court does exegesis on the Constitution every day.) It may sound boring, but it’s not! Biblical stories are great teaching tools. It was not for nothin’ that Jonah was swallowed by that whale. He has something to teach us. You can’t deal with your problems? Read Job. Here’s a guy with PROBLEMS. His experience can help you.

Biblical exegesis allows us to see ourselves and others in new ways. They pose probing questions that provide helpful answers to the confusing questions of our lives. A little introduction, and a little fun, re-interpreting Bible stories you thought you knew.

Rev. Joan Shiels has a bunch of degrees in world religions. She has been bringing messages to us at UUFDC for 17 years. Her topics range from Anthropology to Zoroastrianism  but her best talks often bring us an understanding of what it means to be human.