Family Reunion with Our U and U and UU Ancestors

Rev. Cynthia JohnsonQ:   How is the Niagara Escarpment metaphorically related to Unitarian Universalist history?
A:    It’s time to look under the surface to see what we can see.

We don’t talk much about UU history at UUFDC, mostly because here we’re so busy living in the present and trying to shape the future.  It’s time to talk about some of our ancestors and what they did in their time and place.  Our Fellowship is proud to be twenty years old, but some of our ancestors would be thousands of years old if they were still alive.

Cynthia Johnson, a retired Unitarian Universalist minister who served UU congregations in Texas and Oklahoma, joined UUFDC in 2000 when she and Al moved to Door County. Cynthia is active as an artist and a poet. She enjoys family and friends, nature, travel, and reading and writing.