Fearing Fear Itself with Rev. Karon Sandberg

If you ask most people if crime has increased and if the world is a scarier place most will answer “Yes!”  But statistically crime is down across the country. This feels out of sync with what our news feeds tell us.  What is driving this sense of fear and how might we push back against it?  Amazingly, we all hold the simple answer in our own hands.

Rev. Karon Sandberg is a Unitarian Universalist minister and a retired hospice chaplain.  She speaks monthly at UU congregations sharing the sacred lessons that her patients have taught her or puzzling about the challenges of being human in an often difficult world. So far retirement has been a master class in finding joy.  She is a hiking, bee tending, and storyteller who is learning the ukulele and volunteers for Planned Parenthood and life is good.