The Lesson from Googley Eyes with Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

“Eye-bombing” is the silly practice of sticking adhesive googley-eyes to inanimate objects to make them into faces. Surprisingly, this practice has a deeper, more powerful meaning to us as UUs as we remember to humanize our neighbors, especially those with whom we might not see eye-to-eye.

Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy, Senior Minister, has served the Fellowship since August 2017. She grew up in Texas and discovered Unitarian Universalism while a college student at Southern Methodist University. She has a master’s degree in clinical psychology and a master of divinity (M.Div.) degree. She and her husband Brian live in Appleton with their two young sons, Nevan and Ellis, and their sweet big dogs, Asher and Ronan. Christina loves to dance, read fiction, and try new foods.