Gratitude: From Manners to Meaning

Gratitude is an essential part of our being.  As children, we learn to express it through saying “Thank You” and writing notes when we receive a gift.  As we mature we learn that gratitude properly expressed can lead to new opportunities.  Gratitude can also be a spiritual practice leading to a presence in the world that can be both illuminating and effective.  With the help of writers like the Dalai Lama, Mary Oliver, and others, we will explore the dimensions of gratitude and think about ways to make it an essential part of our lives.”

Rev. Mark Richards was ordained on November 25, 2018 by the First Parish in Concord, MA. He and his wife Christina moved to Door County in 2016 and became members of UUFDC in July of this year. This summer they learned the joy of gardening after having not so much as mowed a lawn for most of their adult lives. Mark serves as a chaplain for Unity Hospice in Door and Kewaunee Counties. He also has a passion for working with prison inmates, and for expanding awareness of Unitarian Universalism in the wider community.