Heal the Hearts, Heal the Homes, Heal the Hoods

Heal the Hearts, Heal the Homes, Heal the Hoods with Ajamou Butler

When we are able to embrace self-love as we work through trauma, stress, and life obstacles, there is peace and power that follows. We’ll explore what we can do to build our internal light, our internal gifts, and ways we can share them with others.

Born and raised on Milwaukee’s Northside, author and lecturer Ajamou Butler has always been one to progress from his pain. Growing up in Milwaukee’s notorious 53206 zip code, Butler was exposed to the uglier sides of poverty. His experiences with poverty up-close as a child have shaped his outlook on life as an adult. In May 2012, Butler launched his non-profit organization, Heal the Hood MKE. Heal the Hood MKE has grown to be an example of pushing against social injustice and rewriting the narrative of inner-city Milwaukee.

Service Leader: Carrie Link

Music: Beth Coleman