Holy Now

Holy Now with Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy

The song Holy Now by UU singer-songwriter Peter Mayer is about a change in faith perspectives, from the idea that only certain practices or things are holy to recognizing holiness in everything! Join us for a celebration of Charles Darwin (a 19th century British Unitarian) as we explore the ways that religious naturalism can provide a connection between science and the sacred.

Rev. Christina Leone-Tracy has served the Fox Valley UU Fellowship as their senior minister since August 2017. She grew up in Texas and discovered Unitarian Universalism while a college student at Southern Methodist University. She has her master’s degree in clinical psychology from the University of Memphis, TN and her master of divinity (M.Div.) degree from Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago, IL. “The best part about being a minister,” says Rev. Christina, “is the privilege to be a part of the mundane and the   important moments in people’s lives. I feel honored to be there when people are struggling or celebrating in everyday life. It is incredible to be able to witness the joy in people’s eyes as they are being married, hold the new baby at the hospital or during their dedication ceremony, sit by the bedside of the dying and officiate at their memorial services.” One of Rev. Christina’s hopes for her ministry is to impart a deep love and commitment to Unitarian Universalism! She and her husband Brian live in Appleton with their two young sons, Nevan (age 6) and Ellis (age 3), and their sweet big dogs, Asher and Ronan.

Service Leader: Jim Black       Music: Carol Boyd