Inauguration of Jesus’ Ministry with Rev. Jim Honig  

The Inauguration of Jesus’ Ministry: a Non-Religious Reading

The gospel-writer Mark announces the inauguration of Jesus’ ministry in a few short words: the kingdom of God is at hand. While Christians have interpreted (or in many cases misinterpreted) these words religiously, a socio-cultural-economic reading is compelling. We’ll dig into this text and its implications and inspiration for those who dream of, hope for, and work at building a better human community, one that turns away from violence, coercion, and economic inequality to the power of justice and peace and equity.

Rev. Jim Honig has served as a Lutheran pastor in 4 states and 5 congregations for over 35 years. He is a pastor, preacher, teacher, writer, and organizer committed to building beloved community. He currently serves as pastor of Shepherd of the Bay Lutheran Church in Ellison Bay and is the President of Door County Housing partnership, a non-profit working to provide home ownership opportunities for working families in Door County. He is husband to Sheryl, father to Chris (Liz) and Tim (Stacey), grandfather to Hanah, Elijah, and Aria. He enjoys the outdoors, reading, cooking, woodworking. When he grows up he wants to build boats.