Identity: Merging the Social and the Personal with Rev. Mark Richards

Much of the “culture war” we are witnessing today seems to center around how personal identity is emerging into social identity. In a culture that is transforming from one dependent on strictly defined social roles to one that thrives on diverse expressions of human spirit, we struggle to overcome fears about what a new culture will bring. Some may see it as a “war” – others may see it as “growing pains”. We’ll explore the relationship between social and personal identities, consider some history from our own lifetimes, and explore some opportunities to move forward together.

Rev. Mark Richards was ordained on Nov. 25, 2018 by the First Parish in Concord, MA. He and his wife Christina moved to Door County in 2016 and became members of UUFDC. Mark serves as a chaplain for Unity Hospice in Door and Kewaunee counties.