In Praise Of The God Of Dirt

Cynthia StiehlWhat’s eternity? Can we experience it in the “here and now” of this life? How? Where? Why does life include both joy and pain? These are tough questions! To wrestle with these, we need to use our imaginations. Poetry and music are wonderful tools for igniting the imagination as we ponder great questions. So we’ll ponder these questions with the assistance of a poem by Mary Oliver that has been beautifully set to music.  Cynthia Stiehl accompanied by Dan Van Sickle will perform the piece.

The Rev. Roger Bertschausen has served as the Senior Minister at Fox Valley UU Fellowship since 1990. He graduated from Bowdoin College in 1985 and earned a Masters of Divinity degree at the University of Chicago in 1990. Mezzo soprano Cynthia Stiehl is a founding member of UUFDC and Past-President of our Fellowship.