Happy 213th Birthday, Charles Darwin

Happy 213th Birthday, Charles Darwin with Dale Goodner

About the Message: As the paleontologist and noted author, Dr. Neil Shubin points out… “If you think feathers arose to help animals fly, or lungs and legs to help ani-mals walk on land, you’d be in good company. You’d also be entirely wrong.” On this anniversary of Darwin’s birth, we’ll take a brief look at his life and his extraordinary theory of Evolution.

About the Speaker: Dale Goodner was a Naturalist at the Green Bay Wildlife Sanctuary before moving to Peoria, IL, where he worked for Peoria Park District. He served as Chief Naturalist at Forest Park Nature Center, then became Supervisor of Environmental and Interpretive Services. He and his wife, Mary (both alumni of UWGB), returned home to northeast Wisconsin upon retirement and now live in Algoma.