The Exodus Speaks across the Millennia

The Exodus Speaks across the Millennia with Pastor Jim Honig

About the Message: Using the recent commentary on Exodus by humanist philosopher and social commentator, Leon Kass as our springboard, we’ll take a fresh look at the iconic story of the Exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt and its lessons for 21st century America.

About the Speaker: Jim Honig is a Nebraska boy through and through and a Lutheran pastor with 33 years of experience in parish ministry. He has served parishes in Missouri, Florida, Illinois, and now serves as pastor with the people of Shepherd of the Bay Church in Ellison Bay. Jim is married to Sheryl, father to Chris (Liz) and Tim (Stacey), grandfather to Hanah and Elijah. He is also dog-dad to Safia and Suzie. Jim loves the outdoors, reading, writing, and working on the never-ending list of house projects. He writes regularly for denominational publications and preaching resources, curates a blog, and is the author of the novel, By Paths Untrodden.