Is Belief in God Rational?

The problem of whether belief in God is rational has historically been linked with the question of whether God exists.  Because no convincing “proofs” for God’s existence have been forthcoming, most philosophers have said the answer to the rational belief question is “No!”  Terry will argue that this response needs reconsideration because rational belief in God is not just a problem about existence.  It is a much broader and deeper problem.  Rational belief in God involves whether God is possible; whether God is within the realm of human understanding; and whether it might be rational to believe in God even if God does not exist.  Exploring these ideas, particularly the latter, leads to an important theory of rational belief that gets us closer to the truth.

Dr. Terry Goode is a long-time friend of the Fellowship.  He has served as a member of the Program, Communications and Finance committees.  Terry is a former philosophy teacher and a retired technology company owner.  He teaches philosophy for the Clearing in their winter program and for Bjorklunden in their summer program.  He and his wife Pam reside in Baileys Harbor.  They are frequent travelers (pre-Covid!), and passionate supporters of Good Samaritan-Scandia Village.