The Northeast Corner with Katie Dahl

Many Americans don’t know that Eleanor Roosevelt, during several of the years she spent in the White House, maintained a passionate romantic relationship with Lorena “Hick” Hickok, a Wisconsin buttermaker’s daughter and one of the most prominent women journalists of her day. Katie Dahl, who is currently writing a musical about Eleanor and Hick, will discuss in her talk what this relationship (which has often been erased from Roosevelt’s biography) can tell us about the fine lines we often draw between speculation and history, private and public, and love and work.

Katie Dahl is a songwriter and playwright whose work is as expansive as Lake Michigan and as deeply rooted as its rocky coastal bluffs. A small-town celebrity on the Wisconsin peninsula where her family has lived for 175 years, she is now a radio-charting folk artist who tours around the world. Clear-eyed and tough-minded, fresh and funny, Katie “delivers razor-sharp lyrics with a hearty, soulful voice” (American Songwriter).