Poststructuralism with Terry Goode

Poststructuralism and Its Influence on Unitarianism

Poststructuralism is a philosophical, literary and social movement that says everything is culturally based, and thus culturally biased.  The claim is that there is no objective truth, just truth filtered by cultural bias, and that bias is controlled by authorizing and validating power structures.  Goode queries, “Why should this concern Unitarians?  First, because it is a dangerous philosophy.  Second, because Unitarianism in practice implicitly endorses Poststructuralism and as a result has fallen victim to its cultural relativism.”

Terry Goode has a Ph.D. in philosophy.  He has taught philosophy at the University of South Carolina, UW-Fox Valley, and UW-Oshkosh.  He regularly teaches philosophy in Door County for the Clearing in the winter and for Björklunden in the summer.  He has spoken frequently at the UUFDC and has served the congregation in a number of roles, including Program Committee, Finance Committee, and Web Development.  Terry and his wife, Pam, live in Baileys Harbor and are volunteers and contributors to many Door County organizations.