Pulling Out of the Mud

If you have ever had your car well and truly stuck in the mud, you know how hard it can be to pull yourself out. Sometimes just walking through the world feels like your feet are stuck in the mud. On any network newscast there will be at least 5 things that will make you angry, or sad, or hopeless. Turning off the news doesn’t help, as long as you know the stories are there. In his sermon, Thom will talk about getting yourself unstuck.

After many years running training programs in the corporate world, Thom Thomas has decided to put his training and experience to work in a different arena, and is currently a Master’s of Divinity student at Meadville Lombard Theological School. For the past 8 years, Thom has also served as a consultant to the UUA, focused on helping congregations find their vision and live it into reality. In that capacity, he has created training for individual UU congregations, helping them deal with conflict, develop visions for the future and guide stewardship efforts. Thom’s ministry is focused on helping Unitarian Universalist congregations live their values into the world.