Reflecting on Reparations with Tracey Robertson  

In 2021, Representative Sheila Jackson Lee introduced the bill H.R.40 to the House of Representatives. H.R.40 is a commission to study and develop reparation proposals for African Americans.

The Unitarian Universalist Church community is invited to join in conversation facilitated by speaker and friend of the UU, Tracey Robertson, CEO of QUAD DEI Consultants to consider the complexity of reparations and questions including: Is it possible to “repair” the enslavement and discrimination of enslaved Africans and their descendants? If so, how? What can or should reparations look like?

Tracey Robertson an award-winning developer and facilitator of anti-racism education and training across the United States and Canada. Tracey has decades of professional experience that includes entrepreneurship, training, business development, consulting, and administration. Tracey has received numerous commendations, including being named one of “44 Most Influential African Americans in Wisconsin” in 2017 as well a 2017 TedTalk Alumnus.