Renewing Your Prescriptions

Every time I go to my doctor for my annual or semi-annual exam, I am given a printout of my prescriptions. Although I am not fluent in the language of pharmaceuticals, I dutifully refresh my knowledge of what and why and when and how much. Recently I prescribed something similar to myself from myself regarding my shadowed deficit of the mindful living of my days. Inspired by UU minister Forrest Church’s Lifecraft; Penelope Lively’s anti-memoir, Making It Up; and Garth Brook’s The River, I am feeling better.

Cynthia is a retired UU minister. She and Al moved to Door County in 2000. Cynthia preaches, teaches, provided leadership for the construction of the Memorial Garden, and is very interested in interfaith work as one way to make the world a better pace. She loves her book groups, poetry group, writing, and making art. Al is currently Treasurer of UUFDC. The arts, nature, “hiking” groups, friends, communicating with their elected representatives, travel, and their extended family are their highest priorities. They spend an inordinate amount of time trying to simplify their lives and understand their devices.