Rising Up by Diving Deep

For many in our congregations, the traditional theological meanings of Easter lay like sunken wreckage at the bottom of the lake of our lived experience.

Should we care about mounting a salvage operation this year? Or is it better to just visit the point which overlooks the water where that ship went down, and enjoy an early spring picnic (with chocolate bunnies for dessert!) instead?

Wayne Arnason retired last summer from a forty-year career as a UU minister and lives in Appleton. His wife Rev. Kathleen Rolenz has been serving as Interim Senior Minister at the Fox Valley UU Fellowship. Wayne has served in all sizes of UU congregations, and in many denominational leadership roles, including as President of the UU Ministers Association and the UU Buddhist Fellowship. He is the author or co-author of four UU curricula and three books, including Worship That Works and Buddhist Voices in Unitarian Universalism.