‘Tis the Season of I Don’t Know with Andrew Agacki

The holidays, the gatherings, the food, presents, the joy!  As I write this, we are ‘outside’ of the holiday season; Halloween is a couple of weeks away.  As we look forward to all of the celebrations, we’re also witnessing the ongoing aggression in Ukraine, the attacks on Israel, the political conflicts of our own Congress.  What will happen in the coming days?  I don’t know.  Still, we will celebrate the season as we always have, won’t we?  I don’t know.  What does ‘as we always have’ even mean, anyway?  I don’t know!  Please join me as I share some thoughts around this ‘don’t know’ time and how we can still celebrate and be generous in it.

Sensei Andrew (Jiyo) Agacki was inducted a Buddhist Minister in 2008, under the Rev. Koyo Kubose. Since 2002, he has delivered sermons to many of the UU congregations throughout Wisconsin and upper Illinois. A graduate of The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, he continues to be associated with the institution, helping to teach classes on Buddhist practices, ethics and history.