Showing Up with Rev. Dawn Volpe

As someone who’s spent the last 38 years imploring, cajoling and badgering the flock to ‘COME JOIN US IN CHURCH EVERY SUNDAY!’, I was happy to read a post from UU minister, Victoria Weinstein: Last Sunday morning I picked up the phone in the office. After I said, “Good morning, Unitarian Church,” a woman’s voice said, “Good morning! Can you tell me what the topic is this morning?” Uh-oh. I thought real fast and said, “The topic is, “COME TO CHURCH ANYWAY!” Come no matter what the topic is, because your church needs you and you need your church, and it doesn’t matter what the preacher’s going to say! I was the preacher that morning, and I knew it was true. The woman patiently waited while I finished my enthusiastic pitch, winding down by lamely adding, “Um, the topic is actually ‘On Resilience.’ I certainly can relate. In my tradition we have a handy scripture verse which emphasizes the need to gather together, to show up. I’ve used it many times! But, perhaps my focus has been a bit narrow. In the words of Amy Farrah Fowler (fictional character from the Big Bang Theory), “I don’t object to the concept of a deity, but I am baffled by the notion of one that takes attendance.” This Sunday we’ll explore the expansive, soul-satisfying joy of ‘showing up’.

Rev. Dawn Volpe is the pastor of Ephraim Moravian Church. She graduated Seminary in 1985, when females in her denomination were a rarity. Her adventures in ministry began in the Bronx, New York, continued in the Washington DC suburb of New Carrollton, Maryland, and now, for the last 13 years, in the paradise known as Ephraim. Her husband Bob works remotely as an ‘Integrated Logistics Analyst’ (don’t ask her what that means!) for Fincantieri Marine. He serves the community as a firefighter and first responder. On Sundays he can be found in the Church Nursery, taking care of our youngest members. Their son, Rob, is an artist who, rather than starve, works as a CNC Apprentice in Illinois.  Bob and Dawn are parents to Preston, a Coonhound whose howls are impressive!