Stumbling Toward Allyship

Stumbling Toward Allyship with Starla Thompson

The work of building an ally relationship with those who have been historically oppressed is not an easy thing.  There is no clearly defined path for the dominant culture to redistribute power to those they have injured.  This morning we will explore how trying to create a Land Acknowledgment Statement for UUFDC has exposed some deep-seated presumptions about who we are as descendants of white settlers.

Starla Thompson will help us to understand that from a position of power, we have a very different viewpoint of what it means to be in relationship with Native Americans – and what we can do to become allies in their struggle to gain equity in our society today.  Thompson’s work as an educator, scholar, advocate, dancer, and mother is directly influenced by my lived experiences as a Potawatomi woman born and raised in Chicago, ancestral Potawatomi land.

Service Leader: Rev. Mark Richards     Music: Carol Soper