The Art of Bridging 

The Art of Bridging  with Dr. Kimberly Barrett
About the Message: Establishing a sense of connection and belonging among people with different identities and opinions is becoming a lost art. This presentation will address under what conditions bridging is appropriate and the essential skills needed to bridge across differences. Participants will also have the opportunity to practice a technique that will help you gain a state of mind conducive to connecting with those with whom you differ.

About the Speaker:  Dr. Kimberly Barrett is an accomplished diversity professional with significant experience as a consultant and executive working to promote diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging for businesses, educational institutions and not-for-profit organizations. With graduate degrees in Clinical Psychology and Higher Education, she approaches this critical work with a framework that is evidence based, strategic and compassionate. Her focus is on strengthening relationships, capacity building and fostering accountability. In addition to her administrative and consulting work, Dr. Barrett has taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels as well as published in professional journals and newspapers. She is also active in a number of community volunteer organizations and boards and was the recent recipient of an Unsung Hero Award from Celebrate Diversity Fox Cities.