The Other Half of Our Heritage

Alan KopischkeBob Clarke’s message about the 18th century revolution in religion that allowed Universalism to thrive suggests parallels to the conditions that led to the American Revolution. Alan Kopischke will read Clarke’s message, “The Other Half of Our Heritage”, and highlight those parallels using Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “Hamilton” as inspiration. Universalism’s message that everyone is safe, the American ideal that all men are created equal and Miranda’s celebration of “a place where even orphan immigrants can leave their fingerprints and rise up” share a common impulse. Perhaps Unitarian Universalism (and this message) are both what Miranda calls America, a “great unfinished symphony”.

Alan Kopischke is an arts and communication consultant and professional actor who has lived in Door County for more than eight years. He developed and produced The Big Read Door County for several years before turning it over to the Door County Library where it continues as Door County Reads. He has worked with Peninsula Players and Birch Creek, acted with Peninsula Players and Third Avenue Playhouse, and consulted with dozens of arts organizations around Wisconsin. He has appeared professionally on film and television and has spoken at conferences and at UU churches around the country. A UU since 2002, Alan and his family joined UUFDC in 2007.