The Remarkable Life of Simon Onanguisse Kahquados

The Remarkable Life of Simon Onanguisse Kahquados with Dave Lea

This presentation explores the life history of the person buried in the midst of the Peninsula State Park golf course. Who was he? How did he come to be buried in this spot? Why was he so revered in his day that 15,000 people attended his funeral on Memorial Day, 1931, just a year and a half after the collapse of the stock market and in the beginning throes of the Great Depression?  I hope to answer many of these questions and raise many more as my research continues on this topic!  He was a unique person from any standpoint and is well regarded by the people who remain in his shadow at two communities of Potawatomi within 100 miles of us.  They are curious to know more about him too. We should be familiar with him, as residents of his homeland.

Dave Lea is a former music teacher, a veteran of the Vietnam Era and a former pie shop owner, among many varied occupations.  Born in Oklahoma in 1948, he did most of his growing up in California. He has a deep belief in the oneness of mankind thanks to his parents. This led him to form an intense interest in the contributions of all peoples to our world heritage, focusing primarily on the Natives of North America. He has lived in Indiana, Colorado, California and Germany and has lived in Wisconsin since 1976. He holds a bachelors degree in Communication And The Arts from UW Green Bay and held a Wisconsin teachers license in K-12 instrumental and vocal music and special ed. music.

Service Leader: Rev. Mark Richards— Music: Carol Soper