“The Story Of Job”: Three Perspectives

UUFDC“The Story of Job” is one of the most important in the Western tradition. It has multiple dimensions: philosophical, literary and religious. Our speakers today will discuss the story from these three perspectives. What significant philosophical problem does the story raise? How is it to be resolved? How is the story to be interpreted? What is its religious and moral significance? Why do good men suffer? Can we ever know? Or, should we perhaps just be silent about the problem?

Dr. Terry Goode is a former philosophy teacher, and a retired technology company owner. He teaches philosophy classes for the Clearing in the winter, and is a passionate supporter of and volunteer at Scandia Village. He and his wife, Pam, reside in Baileys Harbor.

Dr. Peter Conroy is Professor Emeritus from the University of Illinois-Chicago where he taught French language and literature for 34 years and served two terms as departmental chair. He and his wife, Beverly Ann, are Fish Creek summer residents.

The Rev. Phil Sweet is a long-time friend of the Fellowship, and a marvelous and insightful story-teller. He served as minister of Hope Church in Sturgeon Bay and two rural churches in western Minnesota. He and his wife, Sharon, reside in Sturgeon Bay.