The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments with Dick Smythe 
How many of the commandments could we name?  Do we ever think about them?  Do they have any value for us today?  Believe it or not, interest in these commandments is alive and well and many thoughtful people have recently reflected and written about their meaning and value for us today. I will share some thoughts on three of the Ten Commandments prompted by half a dozen books written since 2000.  Some of these thoughts had never occurred to me.  Maybe, just maybe, there are some interesting and even useful ideas to consider.

Dick Smythe is an entomologist retired from the research division of the US Forest Service. Throughout his life he has maintained two dominant interests: first, his fascination with the natural world – our non-human environment and endless source of wonder; second, his abiding interest in religion/theology – a subject of continuing education and challenge.