Thomas Cahill and his “Hinges of History”

UUFDCTwenty plus years ago Thomas Cahill began a series of seven volumes on the history of western civilization. First came How the Irish Saved Civilization, followed by The Gifts of the Jews, Desire of the Everlasting Hills (Christianity), Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea (ancient Greece), Mysteries of the Middle Ages, and Heretics and Heroes (Renaissance and Reformation). The final volume will highlight the making of our modern world. These volumes feature lavish illustrations, strikingly memorable descriptions of historical figures, and a prose style that is absolutely riveting from start to finish.

Dan Taylor (Lawrence University ’63) is his alma mater’s Jones Professor Emeritus of Classics and Linguistics. Thanks to his research and teaching, the Taylors lived in Italy for three years. Dan has taught 25 Björklunden Seminars and has led four Björklunden trips to Italy and Greece. Now retired, he and Donna live in Summit, Colorado.