The Story of Tricklebee Cafe with Rev. Christie Melby-Gibbons

Cheerful Hearts, Continual Feast, Cozy Chapel

Come learn about Wisconsin’s first pay-what-you-can community cafe, located in the Sherman Park neighborhood of Milwaukee. Listen to the story of how a run-down storefront became a thriving community cafe in the heart of a food desert. Hear stories of humanity being fed in belly and spirit. Be uplifted by the goodness that is Tricklebee Cafe.

Rev. Christie Melby-Gibbons is the executive director of Tricklebee Cafe, Milwaukee’s first pay-what-you-can community cafe (est. 2016), which is a ministry of the Moravian Church in America and a member of One World Everybody Eats. Her undergraduate work was in Russian Language & Area Studies, as well as an approved self-designed major: Nature Theology, considering questions at the intersection of theological and environmental studies, including recovering a valuation of nature and a sense of responsible stewardship through spiritual reflection. She has been an ordained minister in the Moravian Church since 2009. As an artist (eclectic assemblage beading & junk reclamation furniture building), an entrepreneur, a spouse, and a mother of three, she finds joy in simple living. She has the audacity to believe that all people deserve good, healthy food regardless of their ability to pay for it with money, and that a kin-centric economy–based on the assumption that everyone has something to offer–is possible because she witnesses it daily.