Vexillolatry with Rev. Dr. Tony Larsen

On this 4th-of-July weekend Tony’s sermon will explore an interesting (and, he hopes, timely) subject. If you are not familiar with the word “vexillolatry,” you can either look it up (probably online–many dictionaries don’t include this word yet). OR you can wait till this Sunday.

Rev. Dr. Tony Larsen began his half-time ministry at Unitarian Church North, Mequon, WI, in July 2019. His last pastorate was at Olympia Brown UU Church in Racine, WI, where he served for over 40 years.Tony studied to be a Catholic priest before being ordained as a Unitarian Universalist minister in 1975.  He has written a book entitled Trust Yourself! You Have the Power (Impact Publishers, 1979), authored a UUA curriculum (“A Catechism for Unitarian Universalists”) and contributed chapters to UUA-published books Salted With Fire and Everyday Spiritual Practice.

Service Leader: Bob Lindahl    Music: Carol Boyd