Water – And the Last Big Thirst

This message is about our seemingly abundant supply of water in the Great Lakes Region, and in particular Door County. The message is one of looking at the bigger picture of the Great Lakes and how the “greater America” is thirsty. We will look at the use, conservation and threats to our water supply and what you can do to be a sustainable “Steward of our Water”.

Roger Kuhns is a geologist, writer, filmmaker, naturalist and sustainologist. He has lived and worked around the world practicing his geology, writing and music, including eight years in Africa, and discovered gold deposits and dinosaur bones. He has worked on the geology of Eastern Wisconsin, especially Door County for decades. Roger and his wife Anne live in Connecticut and have a cottage in Door County. There are a lot of articles on Roger’s blog about water conservation and others at https://rogerjameskuhns.com/blog/.